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The Palma Gallery

Connecting artists

with art lovers

Beneath its spired skyline dominated by a grand cathedral of sandstone, Palma is a city adorned with a unique artistic and cultural sensibility. The Palma Gallery condenses this quality into one charming space, offering a collection of inspired pieces from both local and international artists.


Selectively curated, elegantly presented, and decidedly unique, the Palma Gallery is dedicated to offering exposure for its artists to the greater European art market. Artists, collectors, and professionals alike are invited to engage and collaborate with one another in this unique space.


Don’t hesitate to contact us if you wish to have your work exhibited – we’re always looking for new talent to put on display.

Art in Mallorca

The light of the Island

Mallorca is a historical melting pot, marked by two millennia of commercial and civil activity. For centuries, artists have depicted the rustic landscapes and sceneries of this rugged island, a mountainous retreat fringed with azure coves that glisten under the high Mediterranean sun.


It was here that artists such as Lorenzo Cerdá Bisbal, Joan Miró, and Miquel Barceló matured and found inspiration. Their works tell tales of seasons and toil, crafted in the indescribable luster of what Miró once called “the light of Mallorca.”


The Palma Gallery sustains the spirit of Mallorcan creativity, exhibiting pieces from the Balearic Islands and around the world.

Art in Mallorca
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