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Art Consultation Services

Passionally made

You’re looking for that piece that will bring your space to life, give character to your home, office, or property, and bestow it with an aura of refinement. The Palma Gallery will help you source the artwork fit for your space from the right local or international artist, with private gallery viewings available on request.


With a selection of coveted original works and high quality prints available, we can help you find a piece within your budget. Let us know of your requirements.


We gladly assist with selecting the appropriate framing for your artwork, ensuring the piece effortlessly complements the aesthetic of its intended space.


We will take care of any logistical uncertainties you might have with placing your artwork in its new home, from taking it off the gallery wall to its presentation in your desired new location.


Do you have a vision in mind that you can’t find in any other piece? We arrange commissions, facilitating the collaboration between you and the artist.

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