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David Little 

Limited edition prints

City/country, date 

old-style printing techniques

Screen printing / Lithographic printing

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Between working in advertising, fashion, on the album covers of dance music pioneers, and exploring the nuances of fine art, David Little is a stalwart of design and print.


Little has a penchant for taking pop art sensibility and tinging with the bright, trippy eccentricity of rave culture. His aesthetic represented the facade of the British club scene, adorning flyers, album covers, and magazines for the best part of the late 20th century.


In fact, he even has loose ties to the Balearic Islands, helping Acid House founding father Paul Oakenfold brand his Ibiza-styled club night in London in the late 80s, called Future. It claimed to be “the original and only Balearic club,” and it signalled the beginning of Ibiza parties flooding in from the Mediterranean and into British clubs.

paint_Plan de travail 1.png


Little’s range of limited edition prints are hand-printed using screen printing and lithographic printing techniques. These classic methods produce a distinct finish and style when printed on heavy paper, unmatched by standard CMYK printing.


The range features colourful designs from the golden club era of the 80s and 90s – the renaissance of the Summer of Love – and prints inspired by this period of revelry and vibrancy.

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